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Posted by Devonin at Oct 16, 2017 8:31:13 PM
Re: Server future, Opt-out PvP, Neutral Crews
It's no secret that PVP is half the point of Dark Seas. It's practically been in the strapline since the first announcement post. You can't then start playing it and then ask that such a fundamental thing be changed so you don't have to be a part of it.

I can and I have. Because what I'm doing is starting to play it, realizing "This isn't just 'The PvP server' among all the servers. This is THE SERVER and since it is THE SERVER, it is important that anybody who has a vision for how this server can be made more successful and appealing and encourage the most kinds of people to stay should speak up and say so.

I own a community business. I run events multiple times a week. When you create an event for a certain thing, you naturally limit how many people will take part in it.

Most of my business is in Magic the Gathering. It is a game of many formats, and some people play only one, some people play multiple. I've had 212 unique players at sanctioned events in my store (which is more than 61% of stores worldwide, which isn't bad for a town of 17,000 people) but with 212 players, the most I've ever had at a single event in the last year is 33.

When I run a Standard event, I get 6-14 people. When I run a Modern event, I get 6-14 people. When I run a Draft event, I get 6-14 people. When I run a no-format casual fun night, I get 12-30 people. Pretty much this is consistent year round. 4 times I year I get to run a bigger scale more competitive event that pulls in 16-40. There is ALMOST NO overlap between those 16-40 and the people who make up everything else. Those are the PvP equivalent.

So yes, my biggest event is the one that is most like PvP (Higher barrier to entry, more relevant prizes, naturally more competitive, attracting the highest skilled/highest investment players)

But if I only did those events, the 16-40 across all four events might be 50-100 unique people, probably less. Less than HALF the playerbase I actually have.

The thing that gets that full 212 is that the ones who just want to come to funsies casual night can come and play casually for funsies. No cost to enter, and sure, no prizes, but they're there because the game itself is fun, and adding in heavy competition makes them have less fun. Play Modern? We support that. Play Standard? We support that. Play Draft? We support that. Play casual? We support that.

And guess which segment spends the most money in the store? Without any contest at all, it's the casual people who have never entered a for-pay tournament in their life. There's more of them, they don't care as much about being optimal, they care about having fun with their friends. Supporting them makes my store notable and popular in comparison to other competitors nearby. People praise the fact that I have support for both casual and competitive players, and I end up financially and numerically competitive with stores in cities 4 times my size and bigger.

If you can make an effort to appeal to as many people as possible, those people will all support you.

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