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Posted by jdl1963 at Oct 16, 2017 3:23:09 PM
Re: Server future, Opt-out PvP, Neutral Crews
Sure PvP engagements could be made more fun and interesting. However, the concepts of "innocents" and how they factor in to PvP should be less of a shielding/opt-out one. It's the duty of the crews and flags of the ocean to protect the innocents in this case really, or to compensate them if they're caught up. Retribution too.

That was tried back in Ultima Online back in the 90's. Didn't work then, I've seen no evidence to indicate that there's any reason to believe it will work now.

For those people who are holding EVE Online up as an example of a PvP-centric game... you might want to read this.

Short version: The majority of players in EVE spend most of their time in "High-Sec," and nearly half of the player base never (or almost never) leaves "high-sec." The glory stories you hear about PvP in Null-Sec are a tiny percentage of the player base - 10% or less. Most players only do PvP occasionally, if at all.

Interesting, the publicity makes it seem quite the opposite. Thank you for finding that.

The idea of PvP driving a player base is a fallacy from the start. Unless a game is specifically and completely devoted to PvP (like Overwatch, MOBAs, etc), then you're going to have a very large percentage of the player base that is resistant to PvP, if not completely opposed to it.

Exactly. And that's something that's been proven time and time again in game after game ever since the Great Experiment failed in Ultima Online nearly twenty years ago - the vast majority of players (serious and casual) will avoid non consensual PvP.

Which is why I can't understand why the Haveners are making it a centerpiece for DS.

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