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Posted by SeaGi at Oct 16, 2017 10:22:46 AM
Re: Server future, Opt-out PvP, Neutral Crews
Change the game mechanic to allow multiple ships to aid one another by entering an "in progress" sea battle, two or more ships from the same faction could provide each other mutual defense as long as the might ring will allow it. If you see a sea battle, you can enter the battle to assist in the fight, or run interference or delay the enemy while the other ship escapes to port if on a merch run. The overall might of one side or the other could change as more ships engage or fall out of battle, so a third ship would not be allowed to pile on a 2v1 battle, but a second ship could join on the single ships side making it 2v2. Once two ships hook, they are removed from the board for the fray. After the fray they could re-enter the battle after a cool-down.

I believe the mechanic is there, run it like a blockade board where the factions can enter either side depending on direction of travel, the caveat is that once a ship enters the board its on the board until you can click to disengage, grapple or sink, theres no exit or safe zone.

Team tactics, team play, pvp focused, less mandatory risk if you play it right.
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