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Posted by Devonin at Oct 16, 2017 12:58:47 AM
Re: Server future, Opt-out PvP, Neutral Crews

I'm sitting here saying "Lets talk about a way to make the company more money, make some more players happy, and do our level best to not make any other players unhappy" and you're basically telling me I'm a ridiculous buffoon.

Amen to that (not the part about being called a buffoon). I'm one of the people who, while I don't care for PVP, used to put up with it years ago when I played YPP. I came back to see DS, and since I don't want to risk my ships being sunk, am stuck in the one "safe" arch.

Being told to go play on one of a variety of underpopulated servers is not an option that does anything but drive me (and others like me) from the game.

If the idea is to present a game that entices new players, sinking PVP isn't the answer. It will drive out of Obsidian new players, and those of us who don't want our ships sunk, with no other viable ocean open to us.

And see, this thread, while I felt like I did present at least a good starting point for a potential way to address this, had less to do with addressing it, and more to do with demonstrating to TPTB that there are others who feel this way too who might be worth appealing to.

There's more of us than you think, and we'll spend money for ways to play the way we want.

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