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Posted by BobJanova at Oct 14, 2017 5:33:29 AM
Re: Server future, Opt-out PvP, Neutral Crews
Firstly, if you mean 'opt out of PVP' not 'opt out of sinking', then that is just a ridiculous suggestion. That would make carebearing on Obsidian even safer than on the safe oceans, since PVP is permitted everywhere (even off Lima dock ...) on all oceans at present.

As for being able to opt out of sinking PVP: The whole point of Obsidian is that there is risk associated with the more lucrative areas of the game. The only way to balance a suggestion like this is for it to be so expensive it isn't worth it, at which point why introduce it at all?

What we need is not the option to evade PVP entirely, but game mechanics to make it possible to avoid being caught (actually this already exists, it's called dnav), some possibility of gaining something if you fight back and win (TH or partial salvage of sunk ships?), and an understanding by the players that it's a PVP ocean and you need to protect yourself against ganking.

It would also be good if battles could be escalated, so sailing in a fleet makes sense. Anyone who plays Eve knows that coordination between ships is what makes fights interesting and dynamic, but any PVP in YPP is always effectively 1v1. This would also play well with suggestions that let you have more effective NPCs staffing a ship.
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