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Posted by majestrate at Oct 14, 2017 5:19:06 AM
Re: Server future, Opt-out PvP, Neutral Crews
D-d-d-d-double post!

What about if the general ongoing war was more than just about islands controlled? What if PvP could be incentivised by a game mechanic that uses the previous week's PvP performance to provide a faction with a game benefit?

This benefit could either be on or off, depending on which faction "won" the previous week. Or it could be scaled depending on how victorious that faction was vs the other, with both factions having some benefit but the more successful side benefiting more.

Ideas for benefits include sales tax reduction (on faction-owned islands only?), % bonus extra PoE earned from PoE fountains (chests, brigand victories, hauling in SMH), doubloon delivery fee discounts, some form of puzzling effort potency mechanic (maybe restricted only to PvE activities like SMH and brigands).

While I don't agree with the sentiment of allowing people a method to opt-out of PvP by any means other than performance on the duty navigation puzzle, I also don't agree that the incentive to PvP should be increased any further than what it already is.

I don't believe that pirates currently going solo on ships are at that great of a risk for PvP (unless there's one crew/flag that is looking to drive pirates out of another crew/flag), but a change such as this would probably increase the risk.

Which means, potentially, that you will now have an increase of instances where 3 or 4 alts on a sloop going after a solo on his main, also on a sloop, so that the alt's faction can gain a benefit.

Address the alt abuse issue via game mechanics and not /complain or Petition and this idea might be worth pursuing.
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