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Posted by Sagacious at Oct 13, 2017 3:09:53 PM
Re: Server future, Opt-out PvP, Neutral Crews
So to elaborate on my initial reaction:
No to anything reducing the PvP on a PvP ocean
No to anything that allows players to pay anything - big or small - to avoid PvP. You can charge people 10mil PoE and they'll still find a way to pay it if given the option. It's not only stupid pay-to-not-play, but also means that funding efforts on the ocean are diverted from getting battle-ready to avoiding battles.
No to any new situation which creates additional safezones, areas where enemies can freely hang around and taunt without a risk of being attacked/sunk
No to requiring PvP-seeking ships to fulfill additional requirements before engaging in a PvP battle.

Loss is a part of the game in Dark Seas - and everyone is subject to it. There's no need to curb PvP to reduce the losses experienced through losing a PvP engagement. Just be better prepared overall.

Flags and crews are still very much getting used to the ways in which increased PvP availability on the ocean affects them. It will be political solutions within the game that will help resolve any unfairness currently felt by players who are not enjoying the fact they lost their WB while out pillaging and minding their own business.

It's how the game used to be played before everything just got stagnant from everyone having everything they wanted and no one having to actually plan properly for things, and the masterminds of amazing game political showdowns retired (or were banned -.-)
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