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Posted by Scarpath at Oct 6, 2017 2:49:24 PM
Re: Make labor great again! (Even though it never was)
It may be worth it(Relatively speaking) over the course of a month to use a labor badge, but compared to a pillage where you can earn that entire amount in 3 hours easy? Labor isn't worth it. Even if you play the puzzle for forever, you aren't going to even come close to the same profit that you would get if you went out on a ship.

Yes, some of your profit comes from owning a stall yourself, but just like not everyone owns a ship, not everyone owns a stall. Labor should pay the worker as much as a pillage does, and perhaps even take as much work, if you want it to be considered a real part of the game. Otherwise, it will never be more then that thing you have to do every ten days to keep your stall running.

There is no incentive for non-stall owners to play the puzzles. Not when it's hardly worth your time.
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