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Posted by bahaakbu at Oct 6, 2017 5:58:39 AM
Re: Make labor great again! (Even though it never was)

Okay, that's something I didn't know. Fair enough. I'm just balling the numbers. I don't know the exact numbers. Then make it yield 10. This is something for Grey Havens to decide. I'm just putting out suggestions.

Nah right now everytime you puzzle you do 2 hours of work if the shop is able to use it. If you increase that number (is what you suggest) your not doing more puzzles you are doing less becasue you basicaly get more work dont for playing less puzzles.

Well, this is related to the shop cap though. The system would have to be adjusted accordingly. And obviously the same adjustment should make the upgraded shops worth something.

Also can't find that 1 hour of active labor rewards 4 hour of passive anywhere in the wiki, could you link me to that?
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