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Posted by bahaakbu at Oct 6, 2017 5:46:54 AM
Re: Make labor great again! (Even though it never was)

No, you yourself can set it to be a percentage based price. Setting the /buy and /cost accordingly. +tax. If you're buying madder for 300, set cost to 330, and you're making 30 profit per minus tax.

30 is a natural number not a %.

10% of 300 is 30. Thus, 330. You buy at 300, cost it 330. 10%.


Okay, I'm trying to say is, make active labor get more work done. Fine, hell, let 90 out of 100 leave. If you make active labor go towards 10 times more progress, it wouldn't change a thing for the item prices.

If you make active labor yield 5 instead of 2 hours per puzzle its the same as doing passive labor. Because you activly doing 1 puzzle for 1 hour and get 4 bonus PASSIVE hours awarded aswell...

Okay, that's something I didn't know. Fair enough. I'm just balling the numbers. I don't know the exact numbers. Then make it yield 10. This is something for Grey Havens to decide. I'm just putting out suggestions.
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