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Posted by bahaakbu at Oct 6, 2017 2:15:45 AM
Re: Make labor great again! (Even though it never was)
In fact most peoply dislike the crafting puzzles since they never yield same as a pilly. Getting money from work was never intended to provide you a living in PP. It was a compensation for having a labour badge.

This is something we have done, since we set the prices for our shops. And this is because, well, everyone could provide labor, if only they play once every 10 days. Passive nature of the process creates no incentive for shop owners to pay for their laborers hefty sums, because playing once in 10 days really isn't much of a work/challenge.

Also, compensation for having a labor badge? Oh gods have blessed us! How about we compare that to compensation for having a officer badge, or bravery badge? It doesn't really compare.

And the fact that economy is driven by passive labor is right, but that's because that's how the labor badge works. It's a vicious cycle. You introduce active labor, and it'll force shop owners to have people actually working and people working in shops.

I'm just bitter that a huge chunk of game is just walled off and disincentivized to play. There could be player base out there that just like the crafting puzzles.
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