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Posted by bahaakbu at Oct 5, 2017 3:02:14 PM
Re: Make labor great again! (Even though it never was)
The problem for that would be the ones with the puzzle, I'm guessing. But this hour capped system could be kept for ones that don't have a puzzle yet.

Removing the offline labor... Hmm... Well, okay, that's fair. That would cut all the alts from the system, making it reliant on people actually doing the bloody puzzles.

Using bots will always be a thing, and people will always try to use them, but nothing is exactly preventing them from say, sailing nonstop in a cit run either. As long as the player is around, they'll probably find a way to work that.

The unlimited puzzle might also require the stall labor cap rework though. I wouldn't be able work in my stall for as long as I desire, and would have to move on to other shops. But I'm not sure how that'll work in regards of competition between stalls. Well, maybe it could be helped a bit be either increasing the cap, or making it a daily cap, so I can for instance work on it when I come home from work.

Then again, once you get enough shops, you could just move to the next one, and even that should provide hours of work.
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