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Posted by Cutingchris at Sep 23, 2017 5:55:32 PM
Re: Merging oceans Idea
Merging the oceans initially, have arguably caused most of the issues that we still have today. There was massive pros and cons to a merge of the 6 main oceans on the game. On Meridian especially, there's a whole ocean (Malachite, my main pirate's birthplace) which basically became a ghost town. With only a handful of crews/flags really giving any thought in running the islands down there properly (Not now, obviously. But shout out to my boy Cencul). Malachite had a niche type of economy and I'm not saying Viridian ruined it, but Viridian's was just too big compared to little old Mala with 0 habitable larges. If that were to happen with Emerald and Meridian, you can be certain Meridian would be left to rot apart from the Jade arch. Emerald has a healthier economy with Sage and Hunter pretty much being more enticing than either Viridian or Malachite.

There's also no incentive in merging the oceans. It wouldn't really effect the population too much. Maybe it would bring some Obsidian based pirates/Old cogers back since it's an attractive prospect being on HUGE ocean with very established pirates and flags, but not enough to warrant all that time and effort.

If you look at other threads the devs have said they have ideas to bring the population back to Meridian and raise Emeralds to what it was a few months ago. Whether they hold out on these remains to be seen. Obsidian being opened wasn't meant to sap populations from other oceans and it even has a separate client. It's premise was a fresh step forward with a harder, but more condensed ocean. While I admit there's nothing drawing me there yet, and has been very difficult (and slightly annoying) to set myself up. (Don't get me started at the fact PVP is effectively useless. Unless you want an ego boost/look like a right...)

There's also nothing stopping you from moving to Emerald. Of course some objects of sentimental value will be lost, but that's the sacrifice you pretty much have to make right now or play on an empty ocean.

Honestly, if I were to try to bring population back to Meridian, I'd bring an exclusive voyage there and maybe, just maybe open another island. Preferably in Mala. That could probably fix the economy.

Well, it's been almost 2 months and the developers have not even commented on this thread. It appears that they do not care about it, kind of like the game!! Sad to not have them even appear to be interested. Why then, should WE CARE about Meridian? I care because I have spent untold hours playing the game and building my characters' and their wealth & prestige. I don't want that to all go to waste. I am deeply troubled by the lack of communication from the developers!

Pretty odd comment, considering if you check the whole forums at all the ocean merge idea threads, in a couple the devs have actually said their plans/hints of their plans.
(Side note, if you care about your wealth and character, a merge will most likely ruin that. Each to their own, I guess.)

Also, they just opened a new ocean and fixed some issues OOO never really tried to add in for years, with new DLC options and a full steam only release. If you think they don't care about the game... Then I'm Rick Sanchez and as they say in Canada, peace ooot
Magneto, Illuminatti Royal

(Also Praetorian on Obsidian)

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