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Posted by pixierain486 at Sep 23, 2017 3:27:01 PM
Re: Obsidian Video Clips Contest [Deadline 7/16, Judging Underway]
Offical Posts with the winner is sorely missed a lot of people are confused, I guess there were no runner up or effort prizes :p it would just be nice for some closure for the participants, sorry to bother you again ^^

I'm curious about any updates about this contest. I see that the obsidian trailer has been launched and created using clips from a few pirates myself included, and obviously clips from Scythera.

Is Scythera the only winner from this contest?

I understand that it can be frustrating for some people who entered and not getting a response/update back to what is happening.

However, I know that right now everyone is pretty busy with the whole Dark Seas launch on Steam and still have a lot to implement for it. I can understand because of that, they're probably postponing on an announcement for the results/handing out prizes til everything ingame is settled.

I can say though that I had compiled for them before a list of players whose clips I used in the trailer and when the time comes around everyone will be thanked for it! :)

Also, I wouldn't say either that I'm the 'winner' or anything, especially since the results haven't been officially announced yet and I know there's a few people who are more deserving of that than me! :P
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