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Posted by Filthyjake at Sep 22, 2017 8:35:56 PM
Re: Booty Shares and Restock Percentage Guidelines
I have only ever seen jobbers delight, and even for most of the time. I am just thinking that the restock percentage should compensate for any other settings crews which to choose.I don't want Jobber's Delight, and Even to be the dominating or monopolizing settings, so to speak. It will make other crews have a bad reputation, if they do not choose Jobber's Delight or Even.

Its the way it is, I can understand your point and your going to divide the extra but you now how many say they are going split blood then put 5k in and call it good.

I mean your free to do what you want but the most "fair" for all on the ship is allays going to be even Jobbers nor crew deserve more.

Restock cut varies heavy on many variables. SMH Sinky, Greedy, A Ult naver who will go undefeated, Small Med or large balls as you can make poe with a 5% restock on a sloop but on a faunch would lose as the cost of stock is to high.

I tend to job for Even payers, or JD 80% or higher, but that is me. I don't bother with the others. I find my self jobbing with my crew more in even pay then Jobbers Delight.
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