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Posted by Leviathus at Sep 22, 2017 8:16:13 PM
Re: Booty Shares and Restock Percentage Guidelines
To Filthy Jake,

People don't realize that the officer in charge has the option to take the RESTOCK POE from the voyage, and RE-DIVIDE THEM, after jobbers leave the ship, and they all get their appropriate bonus cuts after the jobbers leave.

Why do you think its called the "crew cut".

This is just me, but if I get like a 20k Profit off of a simple baglah pillage, based on the cost of all the starting stock, and I profit 15k After restocking, I would re-divide that 15,000 to the CREW minus the Jobbers who usually leave after the first division without factoring in the restock.

The NORM, is that the officer in charge takes all of the POE. For crew loyalty sake, I would redistribute that POE, to participating members, which is why I choose crew loyalty.

Jobbers who stay get that extra bonus too, but if they want more, come into the crew. Notice that I am adding optional content into the game by generously re-dividing BONUS profits.

If at all, if the Jobber gets less cuts compared to any officer who runs their pillages, would it be fair if the restock percentage was 0 percent? Least that would somewhat make it fair then.

Remember, this is all about the officer(s) in charge vs the jobber. Obviously, some of these settings will not have jobbers come at all. Also, I am highlighting the differences in the pay cuts based on their rank.

I have only ever seen jobbers delight, and even for most of the time. I am just thinking that the restock percentage should compensate for any other settings crews which to choose.I don't want Jobber's Delight, and Even to be the dominating or monopolizing settings, so to speak. It will make other crews have a bad reputation, if they do not choose Jobber's Delight or Even.

I choose the Crew Loyalty system, and I think "The Royal Navy" Crew should use that setting, i forgot if they do or not, but they are the current highly active and high member crew.With a 10% restock, 90% will be distributed to jobbers and members with members getting that extra share and +1 to jobbers if they are present at division or are noted for exceptional performance, and -1 for horrible disruption.

All I'm saying is that I am okay if other crews choose other division settings so long as they give a good reason for doing so that balances out the whole thing.
Obviously there are settings which are basically theft, but if there is a way to make it "fair" players should be creative in adding something to justify it.

If jobbers are going to get less pay than the crew, the hiring crew could promote "top pay" during pillage battles or make a fun performance based pay.
If someone does incredible in a battle pillage they can get 250 poe maybe from the officer or crew member in charge.

I'm just saying I am realizing these other settings can be fun if people know how to add to them and make it fair.Cruel Shelf is obviously greed grab, that's the point. It's unpopular for the GENERAL public, but its there for those types of players.

I see that Trader's share is fair if you go 25% restock, and you will kill yourself financially if you go 0%, see what I mean?


I choose crew loyalty for now. Jobbers who come will get less pay than my own crew members and besides.. if you wanted more pay wouldn't you just run your own pillage and make your profit off of the restock? The officer in charge already gets bonus for post-restocking profits. I also know that jobbers make most of their money elsewhere, and I want crew members to know they get more in being a part of the crew, than not being a part of the crew. That is my current mindset.

Of course, no one sticks to a certain booty share all the time, it depends on what you are going for. You can switch it to jobbers delight for a long pillage, and back to crew loyalty for short ones with crew mates and any jobbers who wanna tag along. Or go even if you just wanna be casual. I am here to just promote any setting.

If Cruel shelf is in place, there better be tops for competition for the jobbers with HIGH pay outs. You see what I mean about adding personal and creating content? That is what I read out of these other options. Players can create content out of these unpopular options. I know everyone would just say "stick to Even or Jobbers Delight".

What about crews who want to promote loyalty + performance for promotion? Pillage with us and the hire you go and the more shares you get for the pillage. The thing about the booty shares is that it is supposed to be affiliated with certain crew structure styles. SMH's have taken over, and with the higher pay and injection of greed purses it makes pillaging much more decent for income.

I am here to promote that there will be some players who will not mind other settings. You just need to add something to justify it, like adjusting the restock. Make it 0% restock if you want loyal members to profit and jobbers to profit a little bit, but you will still gain a profit since you are being paid the highest as an officer, and the jobber gets the benefit of just tagging a long.

"Probably wouldn't job"

Would you join an EVEN voyage which will FAIL, or a "crew Loyalty" that has been succeeding forever more? Or would you job at a "Jobbers Delight" which loses every other pillage, or job at a "promotion pays" which wins every single battle?

You say people are greedy, but they deserve to have most shares if they can skillfully earn the loot on their voyages and then give the cuts to the jobbers who benefit off of the running crew. Just my take! Anyone else who wants to share their reply? I like this discussion.

Remember, from the point of view of a Jobber:

You can get more pay from a successful Crew Loyalty or Promotion pays Pillage, and get less pay from a failed EVEN pillage.

Though the cuts are larger for you in even, or jobbers delight, your TOTAL compensation for time playing could be less than that of a successful crew loyalty or promotion pays pillage/voyage.

It also depends on the success of the voyage, rather than the setting. The opposite is of course true, there will be poor crew loyalty pillages, and great jobbers delight pillages.

If I hear that a crew loyalty setting voyage is successful, i would job at it, and if I job at a jobbers delight which fails, I would kindly say I want to leave because I don't believe in the success (in my mind i guess, and give some lame excuse to leave the pillage). Let's all be honest, we all want pay for our worth but the RUNNERS of the voyage deserve their extra pays.

If you're going to call THEM greedy, why are you ONLY jobbing for the JOBBERS DELIGHT, and EVEN settings? They are generous for doing that because YOU get more pay cuts than the crew members.

I want my own crew to have a fair pay for being a part of the crew which is why I choose crew loyalty. If I am a strict crew organizer, I would choose Officer Club and players who know they should only deserve certain privileges would join that crew because they want to be respected for their position and have a justified rank.

The thing about these settings now is that people only focus on the money, and not the experience, not the hard-work. Remember what I said! I know Officers will feel more worthy if they are in an Officer Club setting and worked hard to gain extra pay cuts. Jobbers should understand they are ONLY JOBBERS.

There is a reason why people have options to leave and join crews.

My standing is between the Officer in Charge and the Jobber. What does the Jobber deserve, based on the Officer's or Captains desire to have performed under the system. And what do the leading officer(s) or Captain deserve, based on providing jobbers their pay cuts based on utilizing their own assets to have those jobbers be paid in the first place!

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