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Posted by Filthyjake at Sep 22, 2017 7:34:20 PM
Re: Booty Shares and Restock Percentage Guidelines
You could have saved all that typing,

Let us examine ALL of the Booty Share Settings and analyze the pros and cons. All analysis assumes Cabin Person is a PUNISH rank.

1 - Jobbing pirate
1 - Cabin person
1 - Pirate
1 - Officer
1 - Fleet officer
1 - Senior officer
1 - Captain

+ This setting is perfect for a smooth, no pressure, pillaging voyage. All players will know that they will all receive the same payment after a victorious sea battle. They will also have an equal share of whatever percentage goes to each participant during booty division.

- Because of the Even pay for any person onboard, players will not be as motivated to perform their best unless they are already experienced and skilled enough to perform their station with excellence and are focused on maintaining their rank with practice. There is no incentive to do your best for the casual player.

The best restock percentage to balance out this equal pay to all, and also give profit to the running crew, would be 15% (+/- 3% percent). 85% is split equally to each person assuming they participated in every battle. 15% is a justified value which will guarantee a good profit for casual pillages with an acceptable amount of wins and minimal losses.

In kades yes. In a pillage no. EVEN pay is each person gets the same cut. There are no performance intensives in pillages it would be nice if there was.

Rank's Privilege
not worth discussing

Jobber's Delight
5 - Jobbing pirate
3 - Cabin person
4 - Pirate
4 - Officer
4 - Fleet officer
4 - Senior officer
4 - Captain

+ Attracts jobbers quickly. This is the perfect setting for getting people onboard for any voyage. It also gives equal pay to all members of the running crew.

+ Best for SMH voyages.

- Pirates in the crew technically get the least pay because they do not get extra pay unless they are officers. By that, we can say that officers typically gain extra profit themselves while the pirates gain less pay than jobbers. +1 your pirate members if you want to give them that recompense.

The best restock percentage for this setting would be 15% (+/- 5%). Around 15% is perfect because this is a setting typically used by crews who want to give fair compensation for ALL participants. Jobbers get that bonus extra share for making the crew able to successfully carry out their task and the crew ship gains profits retaining around 10-20% of the gathered split. Jobbers already get extra shares, and depending on ANY voyage, the crew can restock on equipment that were expended to carry out the voyage. It is a justified, balanced amount with a proper setting. It is a very good 2-way agreement between the hiring crew, and the hired jobbers. Anything outside of the range would defeat the purpose of trying to get a profit by giving that bonus pay for jobbers, or will have you seen as a crew who will just expend jobbers for their time.

Best for SMH, I strongly disagree your crew is going to be loyal and most likely see you to port and they are punished with less pay there is nothing technical about it jobbers get 1 more share.

Crew Loyalty
Not really worth discussing, but if you do primarily in crew runs I guess I wouldn't job.

Promotion Pays
For greedy scuppers Wouldn't join or job.

Jobber's Bane
For greedy scuppering crews Wouldn't join or job.

Trader Shares
Don't think I have ever seen this on the board
This is also the best setting if you want to attract jobbers for evasions and trade runs of your own from island to island for your profits, paying them per league.

See also: Trading
When set to trade, the officer has specified that the ship is moving cargo, and will probably not pursue enemies in battle. The officer can then set an average amount of PoE that each jobber will earn per league point. The amount that a player will actually earn is based on his or her performance during that league, compared with the rest of the crew. A player who performs better than average will earn more PoE than a player who performs below average.
In order to pay players, there must be enough PoE in the hold to pay jobbers.
Better performance at the navigation puzzle will reduce brigand spawn while en route. This was hinted in the Release_2007-06-14.


The Cruel Shelf
For greedy scuppers Wouldn't join or job.
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