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Posted by fourteen1414 at Sep 10, 2017 11:21:50 AM
[Auction] Tinga Island
Babylon will be auctioning the lovely island Tinga.

Startbid 25000 PoE

bid increasement 5000 PoE

BIN 150000 PoE

Winning bid must stand for 48 hours.

The winner must have the required fame and will also pay for the transfer.

Fame needed: Renowned fame

Transfer fee: 250000 PoE

On behalf of Babylon

Jimmyjimjim said:
No. You sir are the troll, with your threat of a ddos, oooo how E-thug you are. I cry bullshit. Ddos me then...what are you going to do fill up my forum inbox with your e-rage?

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