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Posted by budclare2 at Sep 7, 2017 10:27:42 PM
Re: Route difficulties on the template maps
So, after seeing this post in the Emerald Parley, I decided to check out the various available maps... and I found that the map templates for Cerulean and Meridian have incredibly detailed route difficulty listings... which I found missing for Emerald and Obsidian.

Does anyone know who made these, if there are any plans to do the same for the newly released Obsidian ocean, and also maybe for Emerald for those who still care about that?

I don't know how to do them, but I wouldn't do obsidian yet anyway. The route difficulties are...odd. Hopefully they'll be changed by the end of testing.

(I haven't figured out how to compensate for the variations of the parchment-y map background. I guess we could take three pixels from each LP and average them, but ugh. I'm hoping there's an easier/more accurate way.)
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