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Posted by Crazymg at Sep 5, 2017 7:04:52 PM
Re: Merging oceans Idea
Yeah, no. If they closed emerald I simply wouldn't play anymore, one non tradable item is not enough to persaude me. I've said previously in another thread that if they put a dub transfer fee and still made the items untradable then I'd okay with it and back then my decision was purely sentimental but after the past few months of medications disagreeing with me I'm now at a point where i don't feel good, i don't feel like myself, i don't feel like even playing and the only reason I'm even logging on and doing things again is to get my shops back on track. Right now i don't give a scupper about my pets and familiars I just don't want to start over, if i have no other choice then I'll go start over on some other game.

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