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Posted by Ryanford350 at Sep 5, 2017 8:00:51 AM
Re: Merging oceans Idea
I just don't see any way to push people off there wealth with out destruction...

you don't, nor should they. There is, however, a middle ground to all the polarized opinions being floated:

- officially dissolve 'legacy oceans'. Letting them linger and die a slow death does no one any favors nor does it bode well for new players who risk having their first experience having been placed on one. As pointed out in other threads, this will quickly turn them off altogether.

- Upon the closing of said Oceans, allow each player to bring 1 (ONE) item of choice to new gen (Obsidian) ocean. This could be a single favorite fam out of a collection, a first ship you scraped all your PoE to get a decade ago as a scrub or something even more sentimental... such as an inscribed trink or portrait someone gifted you that you highly value.

That single item would be nontransferable and would therefor have zero impact to the new ocean economy, yet go a long way in retaining many of the veterans

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