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Posted by Raalala at Sep 5, 2017 3:33:36 AM
Re: Merging oceans Idea
'Most of us'

There have been numerous threads on this idea, all of which come under criticism. It doesn't fix the problem, at all, it is purely a band aid. Now, if you go ahead and merge them, I'm sure it's still not going to keep people around, nor bring back people who have left (Moved to Emerald/Obsidian, been banned, or just simply stopped playing altogether).

The ocean would be far too big. There are so many islands that rarely see feet anymore, let alone a pair of swanky boots, this goes for both Emerald and Meridian but more so the latter.

We were all in the same boat for Obsidian, that was what they wanted. I even started late and haven't had trouble making poe. My only grudge with what they did there, was the box money grab that I'm fairly certain has muddled with a fair few things, however, this isn't about Obsidian.

I have a lot of things both on Emerald and Meridian, but I would never ask them to swap things from ocean to ocean, it's not allowed, there's a reason it's in the ToS. So, why would they then be like, 'Ok guys, let us do this for you for nothing.' I understand that you're angry, Viridian got the bad side of the deal being paired with Malachite, but at the time, Viridian was doing well, much better than Sage or Hunter.

As for Filthyjake's last input there, how would you feel losing a trinket that was inscribed for you from a lost friend? We all have them, some people have trinkets from people who have passed, making them impossible to recreate. I don't think you thought that comment through. Then there's people who have played this game purely to collect every item from every thing (I'm looking at you Mee!) millions and millions making an amazing collection of shiney things, only to have the game go, hey guys, say goodbye to everything you have, play Obsidian now, was a good run. What a terrible thing to say.

Anyway, I'll leave these links here for you;

Link - Link - Link - Link - Link

You're not the first and won't be the last to bring this up. We can only hope that the Steam release goes well, then, with any luck, we'll see an increase to our other oceans.
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