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Posted by Juliostcroix at Sep 4, 2017 10:58:50 AM
Re: Merging oceans Idea
I agree with Jakesgirl... I have 4 different pirates on Meridian {Cruzian Star, Julio St. Croix, Gilligin, Bricia} and have spent years with other pirates before this (totaling about 10 yrs and 3 mos), and have many houses, villas, familiars & pets that I do not want to lose. I also feel that the developers have reneged on their promise to provide us with a good game experience, and all because they want to start a new ocean?! I started on Dark Seas but do not like having to start all over again with nothing, especially when I have so much on the other oceans! Yes, I have 4 pirates on Emerald as well, {Rail Runner, Railene, Posterboy, Bricia} with similar problems there (the game is slowly dying and the developers don't care). I am angered that the developers don't even care enough to read these posts and respond! I need to know that my money has not been wasted all these years. I like the idea of an ocean merge to help us save Meridian...but if it happens like the last time - Malachite was too hard of an ocean to start on because they made it so difficult and didn't provide us a way to replenish our stock easily. I believe that is what killed it to start with, and then it slowly killed Viridian and we ended up with a dying ocean that will now probably kill Emerald if the merger actually happens. I truly hope not, because I have enjoyed playing on all the oceans. Well, not Cobalt- never liked it. :-(

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