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Posted by Silverdream at Aug 9, 2017 2:07:24 PM
Re: memming in obsidian ocean
Dont use sails in the beginning. Let the 4 bots carp and bilge on a sloop. Then play 5 mins or longer the dnav puzzle. This is called a preburner. Turn before ye reach a LP. Then you will have more stars on the left side. After this let 2 bots sail and reach the first LP with a fine or more. You will mostly get a good and on higher levels an excellent. After this go for a long memming run. I prefer memming in 1 hour intervalls.

I like to mem oceans with 8 stars on the left side. These maps are better for memming. Only for getting the #1 on an ocean i use the 9 stars maps.

Have fun!
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