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Posted by Dexla at Aug 7, 2017 2:00:01 PM
Re: memming in obsidian ocean
If you have a friend who is an officer or higher, and is willing to hop on and off to re-chart your ship for you while you work on a route, here's another tip:

-Make sure your chart(s) are on the chart table of your ship, and not in your pocket inventory
- Do not port when you reach your destination.
- Do not leave your station.
-Ask your friend to come aboard and re-chart your ship back in the direction you came from. Your puzzle will reset, but your performance meter will not, and the number of boards you cleared/stars that have gone up, will not reset.

The charts have to be on the table of the ship, and NOT in your pockets, in order for your friend to chart it back (unless your friend has it memmed already.)

I usually make a pass on a route 5 times before I take my first peek to see if I've memmed anything.

Good luck!
Dexla d'Midnight

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