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Posted by EmpressTamar at Aug 6, 2017 2:50:51 PM
Re: memming in obsidian ocean
There's a couple things going on here. First is the ocean - Obsidian is very difficult to get good scores on because so many old players have returned who are super good at the puzzles. I'm leg/ult on Emerald but only ren/gm on Obsidian. So if you were to try memming another ocean, you would probably score higher.

The other issue is how you're playing the puzzle. Unless we see exactly how you're playing we can't give too specific advice, however I'm getting the impression you play it as a speed puzzle rather than efficiency, the same way that bilge is. Every time you drop a piece, you lose points on your meter. Therefore, you want to fill your combos while using as few pieces possible. You don't want to break 3s of stars unless absolutely necessary to clear space on your board. This means you will often need to be very careful in moving your rings around the board and leave gaps on the lower levels while still building upwards. You can get increds without ever hitting your spacebar. If you are making ANY mistakes at all, you should be slowing down and studying your board more carefully. I also suggest you read some guides or watch some videos on Youtube to see how to better play.

Also, based on the fact you only have 1 point on the nav puzzle, I'm assuming you're able or proficient. At this level you will only have 1-3 stars on the puzzle that you need to fill. Because of this, it is even more important for you to focus on efficiency. It's possible to drop so many pieces in filling a board that you will actually LOSE points by clearing it, which is why you're getting booches. Since you're not doing well enough at the puzzle to increase your stat, which would increase the number of stars you have to clear per board, you need to increase your points on the nav puzzle a different way. Every time you fill up the stars on the left side of your screen, it adds an extra point/star. You will need to fill up those stars several times to start getting bigger combos, where it is possible to gain more points per board. In order to do this, chart a very long dnav course instead of a short one that only goes between two islands. If you have the time, chart a course that will take you 40-60 minutes to complete. On Obsidian, the course that I started out with is the route between Night Harbor and Point Venture. Lion Haven to Point Venture is another good one. By doing a long course like this, by the middle or end you should start getting higher scores because you will have better combos to work with.
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