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Posted by jakesgirl11 at Aug 1, 2017 2:47:29 PM
Re: Merging oceans Idea
Must of us have wanted this for a long time.
I have over 200 ships, a familiar collection worth at least 200 million, houses, furniture and pets.
I have had to walk away with my poe worth nothing to transfer and start again.
I have spent a lot of my own money and so have my friends.( I would estimate thousands for my whole crew)
I am now playing on the Dark seas with nothing and Emerald with very little.
If it gets any harder, I'm gone and so is their regular income.
Please do the right thing Grey Havens and put some fairness into this situation as this feels like a real breach of contract here.
I paid you for an experience that has not been delivered and for something that is no longer of the quality it should be.
At the very least let us move our possessions to Emerald so my 5 years of daily contribution to meridian has not been in vain. I shared a lot with my friends on here and we could all use familiars and ship and really play the game which was once awesome.
I helped friends start playing who are now all paying customers.

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