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Posted by Forevever at Jul 28, 2017 10:21:21 AM
Re: Are skellies more frequent than they used to be?
Seriously, I remember when they were a rare occurance (and dropped items).

Now there's a mission up near enough constantly, sometimes multiple islands at a time.

In my personal opinion they are not "more frequent" but larger groups have been difficult to beat for a long time. They changed it so that after X minutes, one will leave.

I'm not sure how many minutes for sure... but for arguments sake, lets say 5.
And I'm not sure how often they're supposed to spawn but for the argument lets say one group every 2 hours.

You just came across a group of 5 skellies - they started out as 28 skellies. No one wanted to waste their time trying to beat them so they were ignored.

Now it's nearly 2 hours later - 5 skellies remain - and another set of skellies have appeared somewhere else.

You could easily get up in the morning and get the "beat skellies" mission 4 times in a row. Most of those groups with 5, and perhaps one with anywhere from 15 to 30 skellies.

Edit.P.S. They dropped items because they used to require items to join the fray. Sales on rags were at an all time high in those days :D
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