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Posted by Forevever at Jul 28, 2017 10:13:29 AM
Re: Manager in a shop, owner has gone dormant?
I'm the manager of two shops. I was asked to keep up with bids on commodities so they didn't get too high or too low.

However, the owner has now gone dormant. I've been just paying rent out of my own pocket to keep the shops open for when they return.

They have no commodities for sale. One shop has an abundance of one commodity while the other shop has nearly nothing. Also, one shop has a lot of money in the coffers.

I'm so lost as to what I should do about this. Should I just continue to keep the shops open, or should I put commodities up for sale and run the shops as if I were the owner (without touching the amount of money currently in coffers)?

As a shoppe owner, I made it a point to keep enough poe in my shoppes to cover rent and dockside buys for several years.
While I do still check on them (and surprisingly they're actually doing business and have employees on what is otherwise considered a "dead" ocean), I have also asked my managers to just keep an eye on things, and if coffers were to get low, to let me know via other lines of communication.

I think if your friend really cared about keeping their shoppe, they would have done something similar.

If you don't want to run it as your own (as a manager, you are fully entitled to do so), take half the poe out of the one shoppe, put it in the other, then forget about it. I have no issue with my managers moving poes to other shoppes when needed.

If your friend never comes back, rent will inevitably eat up all the poe - then it will close - then it will dust - as it should - naturally.

But by all means, run the shoppe if that is your preference. I can't speak to profits, my shoppes don't really make any lol but you should be able to use the poe in coffers to make bids and purchase commodities.

Look at it this way. If you placed bids out of your own pocket then sailed the commodities to the island with those shoppes, then sold those commodities to the shoppe dockside - you'd still be getting their poe. Taking the poe out directly and doing a cost free transfer of the commodities shouldn't make any difference.
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