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Posted by Bohamad at Jul 27, 2017 6:35:06 AM
Merging oceans Idea
Hello everyone today I cam here and wanted to say that I love meridian ocean and I have been in it for years and so has my big brother bossed who had been playing for more than 9 years. Meridian ocean is now dead and everything that I have in pp is there Iv to war brigs longships plum dhow a serpent monkey and octopus I've got more than 20 deeds but not all in my account but also in my siblings like thelegendary, themustache, bosud, and me boomedya so you can see that we are a family that play for a long time and I have used up a lot of money in this game more than 100 bucks and I remember viridian ocean when you merged it and I think that it would be a really good idea if you merge ocean like what you did in meridian. so please pp make my wish come true and help me stand back on my feet because I want to be good in the other oceans and I will encourage that by making piles flotillas ci and way more, thank you pp and I hope you grant my wish.

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