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Posted by doesntsave at Jul 21, 2017 9:43:29 AM
Re: Obsidian Video Clips Contest [Deadline 7/16]
Any clues on when judging is announced, or have I been a fool and missed something obvious :o

I'm pretty sure they will announce it in the next few days.

You have to remember they have to pick and edit the best video clip(s) and given that most of the video submissions didn't come with audio they'd also have to add sound to their trailer (e.g ambient sound, puzzle sounds) if they should be picking them.

Its a long process and unless they have a product they like (that'll be displayed on Steam) I wouldn't be surprised if they postponed the announcement or even host a second contest for more suitable/additional material if they should be unhappy with the current result.

In my opinion the submission time span was rather short and it was really hard to find suitable content as Obsidian didn't offer too much KH/HS/SMH action during that time frame and a handful of people, bigger sea battles (f.e including a ship sinking, Flottilas) with a lot of people or even pirate'ish outfits were hard to come by since Obsidian was still fresh. Thats why I resorted to some puzzle content although I would've preferred to meet up with my crew - but they weren't available during that week.

Just stay tuned :)
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