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Posted by Hurrai at Jul 20, 2017 5:04:08 AM
Re: Meridian?!
Is it really that bad now? I'm just coming back to check it out now..

Honestly, this is a very charming game, I have been playing for a long time now, on and off.. I don't believe that this game couldn't draw players in. I'm straight out guessing that the lack of advertising nowadays is key to the problem.

Also, poker lol, I love it and often come just to play it. But the stakes are too high, it's a game so I don't feel I have to hold back.. I have had 10s of million PoE and spent it all, if the stakes were not as high I feel there would be more achievement in a large collection of items. As it stands it's poker dominated, it is by far the best away to accrue any items quickly if you have the right combination of luck and skill.

Really hope this game makes a return.

@ThreeRings - Throw some money at a big youtube gamer, I can't see you not drawing in players and making a tidy profit in the process, as the game is now it will draw people in and likely to keep them coming back.

With my regards

*edit* I can't even log in lol :[
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