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Posted by Forculus at Jul 19, 2017 10:50:55 AM
Re: Obsidian, Hemp and Grey Havens
It went down when hemp got delivered for about 12 hours, it has stopped again.

I just watched the hemp market and it appears that hemp is being delivered. The price is now just about 2PoE/unit less than a half hour ago, with lots of higher bids filled.

I'm not ruling out a problem, I think it is well worth watching, but everything could be fine.

I've been watching the commodity shipments by the merchants in the server logs throughout the day, and I can confirm that many merchants are correctly shipping hemp now (where before, none was being moved at all). So the recent changes made a big difference and continue to be in effect, but we'll keep watching to see if more needs to be done. The specific problem we were facing over the past week is definitely sorted, though.

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