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Posted by Scarpath at Jul 19, 2017 10:31:28 AM
Re: Obsidian, Hemp and Grey Havens
It's like pulling the hair out of a clogged shower drain. It helps some, but trust me, the problem is still there. It'll just keep building until you have to go to impressive measures to fix it if you don't do something soon.

And it isn't just hemp that I'm talking about, really. The "it'll fix itself" attitude is harming the game. Players are leaving because there is no hemp. Players are getting frustrated because the duty rankings are super high right now, as we have a lot of elite players. The less skilled players leave, making the problem worse, instead of better.

Letting it fix itself doesn't seem to be working. It's just making the beta take longer to get to the point where we can test everything that we need to.
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