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Posted by zanreth at Jul 19, 2017 4:22:36 AM
Re: Obsidian, Hemp and Grey Havens
lol maybe cause in other oceans we dont attack so many merchants xD so the game didnt need to make more vessels...

I don't think it's unreasonable to say that each merchant, on average, is attacked 2-3 times before making port, thus making it take much longer to reach port, thus causing more merchants to not spawn since the other merchants are busy in battles.

Is this possible?

This sounds reasonable.

After Forculus' post, we saw a flurry of Merchant Galleons and Merchant Brigs spawn on the ocean, but to my knowledge from my own observations and conversations with flaggies, as of this post, no more have spawned since then.

It is my latest theory that there are so many stalls demanding high value, low weight products - minerals and herbs - that merchants are only spawning in low hull size ships, as they forage for those high value commodities and then fill up on wood or iron as an afterthought. This prevents the overwhelming demand for basic commodities being filled, as it seems that sloops/cutters are taking priority over large ships. No doubt this makes sense as the high value goods attract the merchant bots still more than hemp.

I do however urge Grey Havens to take whatever steps necessary to rectify this. Hemp has quickly turned into a bidding war between the two largest flags (and disclaimer, I am in one of them) at the cost of most everyone else! Individual pirates trying to run their tailors, or build ships for crew use, or even those pirates happy enough to squander hemp on paint for their ships are incapable of matching the prices of the larger flags. It should be noted too that as the rate of hemp delivery is so low, these prices are clearly not dropping - the hemp is used as quickly as it is being delivered. I have little faith that these prices will rectify themselves.

Maybe this is the new world!

Edit: It occurs to me that another thing affecting the merchants on Obsidian, but which as not affected any ocean since 2010, is the distance they have to travel. It is true that Obsidian is most compact production ocean - at least I think/assume it is - but still, given the higher prices on Port Venture due to more competition, many merchants spawn in the Wild Seas and then travel at a snails pace all the way down the map. So not only are they engaged repeatedly on their way, but in fact the distance they have to travel means that there are less goods being transported per raw merchant ships than on other oceans. At least, that's how it might work out. I could be wrong.
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