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Posted by Demeter at Jul 18, 2017 8:16:11 AM
Fort Royal Shipyard Shoppe contest - Summer 2017
Avast, welcome back! As posted here ownership of the shipyard shoppe on Fort Royal will be decided twice a year. Each time there will be some kind of event or activity to decide the ownership, and this will be posted in this forum.

Scheduled ownership decision date: 15th August 2017

Event: Crew Fame
The shipyard shoppe on Fort Royal will be transferred to the crew with the highest crew fame of those crews who have correctly registered in this thread to express an interest.

How to 'play'
-- If you are interested, your crew must register by the end of July 31st 2017 .
-- If you are the captain of a crew on Ice and would be interested in running the shipyard shoppe, you need to register in this thread.
-- If you are the SO of a crew on Ice with a dormant (or non-existent) captain, you may register in this thread on the same basis.
-- If you are the SO of a crew with an active Captain, then you need your Captain to register in this thread, or to add their permission for you to represent the crew into the crew statement (public or private is fine).
-- If you are FO or below, you need to persuade a Captain or SO to register your crew.

-- To register, post a reply in this thread and include:
---- your crew name
---- your pirate name
---- your rank
---- if you are not the Captain, confirm that you have met the requirements described above (e.g. dormant captain, permission is in crew statement).

The transfer
-- The shoppe will be transferred a few days after this event concludes to a representative of the registered crew who has the highest crew fame on August 15th 2017 at about noon game time. If a crew has not registered in this thread, they are not eligible.
-- The shoppe will be transferred to the person who registered the crew to the event unless the criteria above do not seem to be met (e.g. the Captain was previously dormant and is now active)
-- If more than one person register the same crew, I will give priority first to the Captain, then to any SO named in the crew info, then to the earliest SO registering the crew in the thread.

There may be situations and queries that I haven't covered - please feel free to post questions.
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