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Posted by spellforcero at Jul 16, 2017 6:42:17 PM
Re: Video Clips Contest Entry Thread [Deadline 7/16]
Pirate: Mark
Ocean: Obsidian
View Link: It's a Playlist of 21 videos
Download: Zip file with the videos
Familiar choice: Already Chosen

Wow having seen the other entries and re-read the the original post and subsequent comments I have lost all hope of winning. So that being said I do hope some of my edited clips are of use I don't mind them being lifted out and I'd love to help more. All these entries are really good I can't wait to see which one of you wins. I don't consider the hours i put into this wasted. I learned how to use two different softwares from scratch and had great fun doing it. Infact id be doing even more if time Hadn't Ran out. Its current 2:40am here in the UK. A whole week now spent, perhaps the best way a 20 year old biology student could have spent his vacation haha. Thanks OMs for the contest if you do this again in the future I'd love to try again!

I was quite nervous uploading these because although I have the playtime I don't have the wealth or the skill to make these clips too impressive raw haha.

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