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Posted by Pauling at Jul 11, 2017 6:57:51 PM
Re: Screen Size
I had a similar problem and YPP support sent me a link to download a file to reset my registry so puzzle pirates defaulted to the smallest resolution (800 * 600?).

It worked though now a given resolution is a different size window on obsidian and classic (I have posted that here)

Sorry I can't find the link but I am sure the OMs can sort you out.

You're on Windows. Pauling is on a Mac. Different story.

Do appreciate the effort, though. :)

EDIT: I can log in! The key was to restart the computer after editing (or even deleting) plist file. Only then did changes take effect.

One other thing to note: I also tried deleting the plist file entirely and then restarting the client, but no dice- the app reopened at the same (ginormous) default size.

Also tried removing and re-downloading the client, but again, no help there.

Any ideas on resetting to defaults are welcome; since I can't see the support buttons (bottom of the app?), forum support is all I can try. It's been a while since I logged on but Obsidian sounds cool.

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