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Posted by doesntsave at Jul 11, 2017 1:22:21 PM
Re: Video Clips Contest Entry Thread [Deadline 7/16]
Pirate: Complain
Ocean: Obsidian
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Familiar choice: Red Monkey

Small note: Given that players should get an impression of the game itself (and its variety of puzzles!) they should see some of the puzzles in action. Obviously less action packed puzzles (Drinking, Foraging, Treasure Drop to name a few) and scenery or captured moments would be very nice as screenshot additions in the store page. I don't think people would watch a literal 3 minute walk through the ocean.

A small plotline of the Dark Waters Trailer could be an intro of the Dark Waters and fading gameplay footage along with comments.

A small example:
  • Alchemy - Craft yer potions!
  • Weaving - Tailor your own clothes!
  • Sailing/Rigging/Gunning - dozens of puzzles to choose from!
  • Navigation - Navigate through the seven seas!
  • Blacksmithing - Craft yer own blade!
  • Swordfighting - And head into the battle with it!
  • not listed Blockade - Participate in epic Sea Battles!
  • not listed Atlantis/Haunted Seas - Explore the ocean and its dangers on yer adventure!
  • Outro: Good or evil? - Choose your own path!

I got exams coming up so I couldn't record more footage (e.g Sea Monster Hunt, PvP battles, Cades or many more puzzles), but I hope its in the right direction you are heading for.

That being said, thanks for reading.
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