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Posted by Deadlylove9 at Jul 10, 2017 5:35:44 AM
Re: Pirates seeking Crews
Hello everyone! I played quite a few years ago and have been all over the oceans looking for my old flag and crew I ran with. After a month of searching i found them! Took me a while as its been almost five years since I have played.

The flag i was a part of was Crimson Tide and the crew I was a part of was The Legends :) This was on Midnight Ocean back then which is now Cerulean, I already posted there but am seeing if they transferred to a different ocean :)

I believe my name back then was Deadlyqueen or lovesoldier? but I am not positive... Sorry for that. Anyways I am on emerald ocean a lot since it is pretty active and would love to join you guys wherever you are if you are still playing!

Current crew on Emerald is Broken Crayons of the flag Crayon Box and name on there and all the others is now Ladybrittany. My old account is completely gone sadly so I am starting all over.

If anyone can help me out that would be awesome!


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