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Posted by Cronus at Jul 8, 2017 11:26:10 AM
Obsidian Video Clips Contest [Winners announced]
Video Clips Contest

We're looking for video clips of gameplay on Dark Seas. It's possible that we end up using the winning entry on our store page. It's also possible we use elements of multiple entries to create our store's trailer. So what we're looking for are several action packed bits of gameplay that you think highlight the best of Dark Seas and Puzzle Pirates.

Prizes will scale depending on participation. However at minimum the winner will pick between an Octo, Parrot, or Monkey in any standard color combination. No all black, all white, or limited edition colors. Other prizes will depend on participation, but will likely include things like a Forculus doll, renamed ships,or other trinkets.

11:59 pm game time on July 16th. Do not edit your entry after this point.

Entry Thread:

Create a Video:

  • Deadline for the event is 11:59 pm game time on July 16th.
  • Please keep your video to less than 3 mins.
  • Please avoid adding music or a voice over.
  • The video clips must highlight the gameplay on Dark Seas. Think of what you like the most or what you'd want people to see of the game.
  • Video requirements: The trailer should be the highest resolution that you can use depending on the scene - up to 1920 x 1080 resolution, 30/29.97 or 60/59.94 fps, high bit rate (5,000+ Kbps). Some areas of the game create a lot of blank space when you go to a higher resolution screen. For those areas, you'll want to use a lower size screen, but still keep the fps up. For example, sea battle from the crows nest can use the whole client at a large size whereas if you look at the notice board or a puzzle in a higher resolution, there will be a ton of empty space. If in doubt, set your screen to 800x600 (32 bit).
  • Please note that our TOS applies to links you post. Please avoid any inappropriate language in your video.
  • Upload your video to a website which allows you to link to it, such as YouTube.
  • Upload your video to a place that allows for direct download of your video (such as Dropbox). Using one of the following file formats: .mov, .wmv, or .mp4

Enter your Video:

  • Post your entry to the Entry Thread (here ).
  • Include your pirate name and the ocean you'd like any prizes on.
  • Provide a link to watch you video (YouTube) along with a link to the direct download.
  • Pirates are welcome to submit more than one entry and may win more than one prize. Please use the same entry thread for ease of reading.
  • Please keep the entry thread for posting your entry only. All questions should be posted in this thread.
  • By entering you are consenting to allow us to use your video for advertisement or other promotional material. This includes making edits or changes to the your original video for said promotional material.

Entry Example:
Pirate: Cronus
Ocean: Obsidian
View Link: <<YouTubeLink>>
Download: <<Link to download the file>>
Familiar choice: Octo, Parrot, or Monkey (no all black/white or LE colors)

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