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Posted by army545 at Jun 29, 2017 12:24:49 AM
Re: Cade simulator graphics
army545 wrote: 
Currently working on movement mechanism.

Will we be able to right-click to reverse-select moves? The Whirled version didn't allow for that, lol.

Yes, definitely, going to be same as PP.

I'm down for this!

The source files are on GitHub for Dachimpy's whirled version, currently runs off the API for whirled but needs to be changed so it can work! This is in .is but could be ported into something else.

I actually hit up a developer early on this week and just seen this thread!! I'm happy to help out with any design elements required for this.

Do you think it should look close to game files so it can simulate the YPP Environment?

I am trying to make it very close to YPP, I am going to use the same movement control sprites as PP, including the sand clock.

It would be amazing if you could draw a flat WB & WF sprites ;)

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