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Posted by army545 at Jun 28, 2017 7:40:05 AM
Re: Cade simulator graphics
Great idea!

Do we know whether we will include the influence marker similar like how whirled had?

Furthermore are you looking to host this somewhere for multiplayer?

Let me know if you are looking to get this for multiplayer then i might have some ideas or more questions :D


Yes it will have that.
And about multiplayer, it will definitely be, but it will not be hosted. The games are going to be self hosted, if someone wants to create a simulator training session, he will have to start the simulator server (it will be an easy to use gui and easy setup) and tell the people the IP, people that are invited to join to your session will have to use the IP to connect to your session.

I cannot afford hosting it, unless grey havens takes over that project and run it by themselves.

The simulator will be exactly like PP, the controls (e.g someone mentioned here about the clicks when you place moves, yes it will be the same as PP, the control images aswell). Everything except the ship images & and the flat non-isometric map will be the same as PP.

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