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Posted by Assasinette at Jun 21, 2017 4:56:01 PM
For anime fans - a recommendation
Hi guys,

I'm here to share with you a new series which popped up out of the blue.
Ok, here goes...
Name: The King's Avatar
Genre: MMORPG (yes, right up our alley!)
Story: A top eSports athlete is ousted from his team due to disagreements with the management team and his team-mates. Undaunted, he embarks on a journey to rejoin the professional circle, taking a fresh Lv.1 character through all sorts of obstacles to rebuild a dynasty in the game's tenth server and beyond.
Bombshell: This series was made in China... yes China.
Inb4 "What garbage can China produce?", it was originally an entry in a web novel contest which ranked no.4 in September 2016 and was adapted as a animated series (ok, just for the purists, I will call it a Chinese donghua instead of an anime series) which premiered on the Tencent network in April this year.

Here's the link for Episode 1,
For those who can understand Mandarin,

1. This was the article that caught my attention and eventually turned me into a fan of this series.
2a. In the series, "OT" means "Over Taunt" which means there has been an undesirable distribution of aggro within the raid group, e.g. your squishy mages or healers are being targeted by the dungeon boss.
2b. In the series, "MT" means "Main Tank".

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