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Posted by Forculus at May 1, 2017 12:25:44 PM
Re: april updates
the global chat:
- i'd like to suggest changing the toggle commands to /onglobal and /offglobal, so that we don't have to type the whole command for chat. it saves time and typos to be able to quickly write "/gl <anything that doesn't fit in trade chat>", just as we'd write /tr, /ve, /e etc.
- will it be selectable from the bubble to the left of typing area?

These are sensible suggestions, however I want to try and discourage flippant use of this chat channel. Hopefully having to type the full command will be a small deterrent to people typing stuff like "/gl lol". We'll keep an eye on things though, and if that's not an issue after the release, a shortcut could be added a little later on.

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