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The Great Boat Race
Mark your calenders coming soon:

The Great Boat Race.

Dates May 19th -29th

You check in with race coordinator and get an assigned ship put in your crew on an alt.
The object is go a set route in the fastest time. All ships will be pulled at end of race (or when you finish if you finish early) Times will be calculated and winner(s) announced.

Start at point A buy a bid ticket (any ticket on that island can be 1 item for 1 POE){Normal Bid Tickets may be bought too anything to put time stamp in vessel records. (you can even keep bid tickets} (time starts)
Travel to point B buy a bid ticket (time stops)
Start Point B buy a bid ticket (time starts) travel to point C buy a bid ticket (time stops)
Continue until all points are reached last point (F)inish). Anytime you are not able to reach a point feel free to stop at a inhabited island and buy a ticket when you stop and start again. You may travel all in 1 day or take breaks and take up the whole week and a half to finish route.

All Charts are available in Ship Yards
(A)Hadrian-(B)Raven Roost
(B)Raven Roost-(C)Ansel
(C)Ansel- (D)Garden Cradle
(D)Garden Cradle - (E)Labyrinth Moore
(E)Labyrinth Moore- (F)inish)Hadrian

Other rules:
You need to be Officer or above in a crew to participate.
You need to use your assigned ship and accept the alt with the ship into your crew as a cabin person.
You may solo or have a full crew or anything inbetween.
You are required to do 1 battle between each point (must be fought can not evade).
Won battles you get 5 mins taken off your time, lost battles you get 2 mins taken off your time.

Dates May 19th -29th Last day to sign up and request a ship May 26th. All ships pulled May 30th if you're done or not. Will not be available May 19th until after 2
Contact Coconutgal to signup and get a ship May 19th-26th (usually on forage 11am.-8pm game time) if you're not able to be on in those hours please send Amberash a message on the forums to set up a different time to meet for a ship assignment.

Prizes up to 10 people participating (Prizes total up to 500K)

1st 200K
2nd 100K
3rd 50K
4th-10th 5K

Over 10 people (Prizes total up to 1 Mil)

1st 250K
2nd 150K
3rd 100K
4th 50K
5th and up 10K
Amberash Meridian Ocean
Amberash on Obsidian
Senara on Emerald

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