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Posted by ryujinpp at Apr 12, 2017 4:35:03 AM
Re: Meridians Future
The Only Thing That Is Constant Is Change

nothing stays permanent - not even relationship bcos it could either grow stronger or simply just grow apart (without having to dislike one another)

It has got to the stage now that if Meridian and Emerald are not merged Meridian will DIE of that I am sure to be honest it is practicaly dead as I type
Malachite was in that situation before being merged with Viridian, and if it takes ~5yrs for Meridian to arrive at the same situation then it probably takes the proposed merger of Emerald+Meridian to "die" in what? 3 years time?

yes, i admit that i too would love to "play for free" but this attitude of only wanting to play for free (eg complaining abt high dub exchange rate etc) is not fair to Grey Haven or whoever operates the game as there are cost incurred to maintain the game (server upkeep, developer/programmer's wage and whatnot)

The Fate of the Furious is screening on theatres soon
why would i want to fork out $$ to watch it?
why not wait 1-2yrs before i watch it for free on the tv?
i'll pay to watch bcos i could enjoy it now instead of 2yrs later
Reason for this, is because whats the point in buying dubs for $ if the game is dying? People are not going to be looking at this option any longer as whatever is going to be brought with those dubs is soon going to die off, so say i brought 500 dubs in the game, 3 months time I just lost out on a lot of money due to the ocean being dead.
if you enjoys this game and the puzzles etc, then you are buying dubs now to enjoy it now... puzzle pirates is just a game... one should not be looking at buying dubs the same way one looks at real life investments (stocks, property etc)

pretty much like the example cited above on the new movie launch.. one should look at buying dubs as "i'm paying to enjoy the game now" rather than "what's going to happen 3 mths later"
Galene tells ye, "I reserve the right to not deliver prizes to you anymore in the future :P"
Galene tells ye, "You crashed me 6 times!"

Ryujin on all oceans

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