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Posted by roxmewild at Apr 11, 2017 2:42:28 PM
Re: Meridians Future
I totaly agree with you mate it saddens me to see the rapid decline of Meridian and like you was shocked at the intention to start another island regardless of it being on steam which i have no accsess too anyway.
If you cant take care of the main stay islands why on earth would you introduce others?? it only damages the original islands and makes no sense to me?

It has got to the stage now that if Meridian and Emerald are not merged Meridian will DIE of that I am sure to be honest it is practicaly dead as I type

Grey Havens if you have any loyalty to the original islands then please merge them before Meridian bites the dust
Jezzabelle Captain of The Dog;s Do Dahs ;)

I used to enjoy the challenge of bettering my puzzling skills to maybe one day obtaining an Ultimate ranking!

Ahh those were the days now I settle for mediocricy cause botters have taken over :(

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