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Posted by Gunnerfreak at Mar 28, 2017 6:55:06 AM
Re: whats the best way to earn money?
If you are on a subscriber ocean, the best-paying voyage would be Kraken Hunts, a Sea Monster Hunt. For Doubloon oceans, same thing, but you would need a Bravery Badge. They cost 5 Dubs, which can be bought with real money, or with a variable amount of Pieces of Eights, depending on whether you are on Meridian Ocean or Emerald Ocean. For getting PoE, one would first have to join Pillages, job with the Navy, or do Crafting puzzles on free days. After a bit, you can get enough for that Bravery Badge and away ye go with clear sailing towards LOTS more PoE! Weeeee!

P.s. Any more questions, hit me up on Cerulean Ocean with /tell Gunnerfreak (message), Meridian Ocean with /tell Gunnergunner (message), or Emerald Ocean with /tell Gunnerfreak-East (message).

(Sniped by wrs1864b, but lots more information for playing. :P )
Gunnerfreak on Cerulean <- Home ocean.
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