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Posted by pegasiswolf at Mar 27, 2017 11:12:04 PM
Re: XMAS IN JULY 2017 - July 7th - 24hr grandfrig pilly - TONS of PRIZES

I will make a separate comment with a sneak peak at SOME of the wrapped prizes later!!!

so here are a FEW of the many things that can be among the 400 wrapped pressies this year!! (in ADDITION to all the great familiars and ships that can be won as station prizes and secret triggers)

8 familiars! (so far)

over 30 ships! (so far)
many randomly painted or accessorized sloops
many LE ships... including...
5 LE-colored SEALED DEEDS (sloops... dhow... warbrig.. and warfrig)
LE-colored sloops
Rogue class sloops
Cursed class sloops
4 Yuletide class sloops
Scrooge class sloops
Lovestruck class sloops
Olympus class sloops
Howl class sloops
Frost class sloops and longship
Dragon class fanchuan
Calamty class cutter

lots of great PETS! including...
many black and gold dogs.. cats.. hedgehogs.. pigs.. seals..elephants
sea turtles
LE penguins
tigers and big cats
... others

wrapped badges (parlor, bravery, labor)

LE chromas

LE furniture

Nice Sword and bludgeon weapons

game tables

shipboard furniture

eggs (including some very rare ones)

specially magicked up just for XMAS IN JULY OM EGGS including Clotho...Forculus... Cronus...Nemesis..Demeter... Aptropos....

specially magicked up just for XMAS IN JULY Greenbones RINGER EGGS

Greenbones also helped wrap up some kewl furniture ...
Jade Dragon... and a ROSE/WHITE Manticore Tail !!...

also some specially magicked up SF/rumble dummies of Hera....Clotho... Nemesis...

Rogue Marks (in groups of 6.. perfect for a sloop rename!)

some special trinkets that say things like....
"you have won a complete outfit"
"you have won a photo with santa" (2-person portrait with peg)
"you have won 10 dubs"
"you have won 25 dubs"
"you have won 25,000 poe"
"you have won 50,000 poe"
"you have won 250,000 poe"
"you have won 1 MILLION poe!"

and MANY OTHER great things to win...(and still wrapping up more!!!)

(if you have items to donate... send me a PM or contact PEGASISWOLF in-game plz... ty ty)
Pegasiswolf- Captain of Dream Catchers and Queen of Fleet of Dreams -Emerald

host of XMAS IN JULY event 2011 to 2020

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